In Fukuoka City

Store in Ohashi Station


A unique store located in Myashita Park, a rooftop park in the heart of Shubuya, Central Tokyo. Designed in collaboration with Fragment Design. Inspired by old American gas stations, the interior space is uncluttered, clean and straightforward. It provides an unique experience not found in other stores designed by the company.

This store was part of a larger renovation project of Ohashi Station in Fukuoka, Kyushu Island, South Japan. Most customers are students and daily commuters. The store itself is located  close to the entrance of shopping area, just in front of the station’s ticket gates, therefore visible for most passers-by.

The bar was place forward instead of being placed at the back of the store, to improve visibility for customers but also improve its “presence”. In the seating area I decided to place hand drawn arts e paintings instead of photos as a nod to the nearby Design college and to the art shop nearby where I studied painting a long time ago. 

Wood finishing was used in the pillar in front of the store and in the bar ceiling and connected to the art through the use of a botanical motif. 



Fukuoka, Japan

Construction Type
Built-in store in an existing store

147 sq. m

Interior Design, Construction

Nishitetsu Railways

Interior Design

Date of Completion
May 2018