in Shibuya

Miyashita Park


A unique store located in Myashita Park, a rooftop park in the heart of Shubuya, Central Tokyo. Designed in collaboration with Fragment Design. Inspired by old American gas stations, the interior space is uncluttered, clean and straightforward. It provides an unique experience not found in other stores designed by the company.

A stand-alone café in Myashita Park, a rooftop park near Shibuya Station in Central Tokyo, Japan. Design in collaboration with Fragment Design (Hiroki Fujiwara), the design was inspired by old American gasoline stations.  

With all surfaces either white or light grey, it is a departure from the design concept of other stores designed and operated by the company. It creates a clean, straightforward space.

By using retractable window frames, the store can open up in warm days and merge the interior space with the seats placed outside. The surrounding green areas creates an environment both relaxing and comfortable.   


Tokyo, Japan

Construction Type
Single store, steel structure

112 sq. m

Architectural Design, Interior Design

(Private Owner)

Interior Designer (in collaboration), Assistant Project Manager

July 2020